Kate is a passionate vocal coach and breathwork practitioner who specializes in achieving optimal performance for singers, public speakers and corporate clients.

Taking a holistic approach to coaching vocalists, Kate celebrates individual voices whilst addressing unique goals. Performer health and wellbeing is paramount for confident performance. Kate’s knowledge in these areas compliment the guidance she offers on vocal technique, musicality and expression. As a qualified coach, she is able to help you achieve lasting results quickly and efficiently according to your specific needs.

Purposeful breathing techniques are chosen to help improve vocal agility, pitching, emotional delivery and dynamic range whilst reducing performance anxiety, vocal strain or weak voices. Breathwork can also help with panic, overwhelm and worry, including musical performance anxiety.

Vocal health, maintenance and stamina are achieved through voice habilitation, good vocal hygiene practices and attuned body alignment.

Research, education and play are core features of Kate’s work. Her research interests include vocal health, allergies, nutrition and breathwork. She is co-authoring a variety of voice and breath related papers. Kate is a PhD Student at De Montfort University and an Associate Lecturer at Voice Study Centre. She teaches 1:1 voice lessons and runs a weekly non-audition community singing group. She is training to become a Buteyko Clinic Instructor and runs monthly voice and breath workshops.

Based in the UK but working internationally, building connections, communities and helping others to thrive is an integral part of what makes her work so enjoyable. To work with Kate, please get in touch!