Kate loves presenting her latest projects and voice research findings. Often imparting knowledge about singing, voice, vocal pedagogy and about business growth for entrepreneurs and new start-ups: particularly new voice teachers.

Kate was nominated for the Van Lawrence Prize (2016) for her research into ‘Posture and Alignment for Singers’ and the development of ‘Stealthy Balance’ (2015) as an alignment methodology for singers and speakers.

She has continued to develop and share this research to use during one to one lessons, for singing societies and choirs, and in workshops and conferences with professional bodies including the BVA, The Musicians’ Union and Voice Workshop’s Voice Geek Conference 2018. Kate took first prize for her research poster entered into the research competition at the London College of Music “Teaching Singing in Higher Education – Core Competencies” conference. This was judged by the expert voice pedagogues Gillyanne Kayes, Janice Chapman and Johan Sandberg.

Kate co-owns the company Sanctuary SOS with her husband. The business was launched in November 2016 and has jumped to its position as one of the best pet-enclosure suppliers in the business. Sanctuary currently provide secure outdoor spaces for domestic animals, commercial enterprises and larger animals. We have continued  plans for future expansion and growth.

From her experience as a voice coach, postgraduate researcher and successful entrepreneur she enjoys using her experience to both coach and mentor other singers, vocalists and entrepreneurs on their path to success, including facing all the ups and downs on the way.

Forthcoming and recent presentations:

March 2019: An Introduction to Studio Singing with Kate Cubley and Daniel J. Logan

February 2019: Vocal Health Workshops: Stoke Sings! 

November 2018: An Introduction to Studio Singing with Kate Cubley and Daniel J. Logan

September 2018: Teaching Singing in Higher Education – Core Competencies

  • Stealthy Balance – A Research Poster

September 2018: Musicians Union Workshop: Your Voice | Part II

  • Performance – including emotion, song meaning & microphones
  • General Health – including voice, ears and body
  • Relaxation – including breathing and dealing with anxiety

May 2018: Musicians Union Birmingham: Your Voice

  • Discovering and exploring your own voice
  • How the voice works – including basic anatomy and physiology
  • Vocal Health – including warm ups, sustainability and deciding when not to sing
  • Body Alignment

April 2018: Voice Workshop – 2018 Voice Conference

  • Stealthy Balance

April 2018: A Vision for Crewe – Crewe Town Council Small Grant Scheme

  •  MicWire – One Year On…

April 2018: Redshift Radio – The Breakfast Show with Liz and Ellen

  • Singing and Tourettes

September 2016: British Voice Association conference – Method in the Madness

  • Stealthy Balance

If you would like Kate to speak at a conference or event you are hosting, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.