Kate shares her regular musings with a growing online community of poets and poetry lovers. Here’s just one of many taken from her online anthology of writing:


A Little Curiosity

Curiosity killed that cat, they say

This isn’t strictly true

Curiosity is vital

Both for me and you.

Find one thing that makes

You lift your head and say,

“I wonder what it’s like

to do that for the day?”

Get up from your armchair

Cast all your doubts aside

Dip your toe in gently

At least you’ll know you’ve tried!

“Curiouser and Curiouser”

Alice used to say.

Just imagine what it’s like

to visit Wonderland today!

It’s all imagination

Sweet things that make you sigh

Like art. And dreams. And music

Or patterns in the sky.

Poetry and lyrics

And treasured shiny things

Princesses and pirates

And unicorns with wings.

Flowers, trees and nature

Boats and Motorcars

Balloons, time travel, spaceships

To see the Moon or Mars.

Curiosity killed that cat, they say

This isn’t strictly true

Curiosity is vital

To try out something new.

Today’s the day to try it

To create, design, enjoy

So if you’re a little curious…

(Even just a little?)

Delight your mind

Hit the button

And Deploy.

To read more like this, follow her lexical adventures here on Medium.

For publication and writing enquiries please get in touch. Kate will usually let her online collection be shared in your publication free of charge as long as she is credited appropriately.

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